Get the most out of your pool this season with the use of our pool opening services performed by our trained professionals. Book a pool opening with our service department and let us do all the work to make your swimming pool ready for the summer! 

Book Swimming Pool Opening Service

Our Base Pool Opening Service includes:

  • For clip in or water bag cover: remove water, leaves and debris from top of pool cover, clean cover on top of pool, remove pool cover from pool, fold and store, clean water bags if applicable, fold and store
  • For a safety cover: remove cover from pool, safety cover will be folded and stored in customer supplied bag if available
  • Remove winter plugs and install eyelets/fittings
  • Assemble all pool equipment and install plugs
  • Install ladder(s) and grab rail(s) if applicable 
  • Scrub waterline to clean “bathtub ring” on liner or tiles
  • Prime pump and start pool circulating
  • Check system for leaks
  • Add start up chemicals (Chemicals are not included in base price)
  • Clean off pool decking
  • Make recommendations and/or supply quotations if any equipment or pool component is in need of repair or replacement